United Workshops for Plant Oil Technology

The United Workshops for Plant Oil Technology, Dr. Gruber/Gruber GbR (hereinafter referred to as VWP) follows the vision of a fuel concept that can permanently and sustainably substitute the finite derivatives of diesel and petrol. The aspiration is an integrated model that avoids international dependencies and/or negative impacts on the environment and climate, while providing solution recommendations for the conflict of food production versus energy.

The VWP-CO2 fuel recycling model consists of three components: sustainable fuel cultivation, decentralised, regional oil production and new developments for adapting the modern diesel engine to using plant oil as fuel.

VWP worldwide

VWP develops integrated international concepts for sustainable cultivation and decentralised production of plant oils, as well as their usage in adapted engines in both stationary and mobile segments.

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VWP weltweit

Applied research and development


VWP is interested in a high implementation rate of research into practice. As part of applied research, research results are swiftly checked on location under complex realistic usage conditions. Projects thereby render dependable insights about practical feasibility and are mainly based on accompanying scientific research.


Projects like these are financially subsidised by VWP itself, private individuals, companies and national and/or international governing bodies. Areas of research and projects involve the following areas: regenerative power source and hybrid systems, regenerative mobility, sustainable plant-based oil cultivation, decentralised fuel production and fuel quality, fuel standards and research economics, internalising external costs, certification.