Concepts for the cultivation, production and use of vegetable oils


Vegetable Oil Initiative for a Cleaner Environment

Handover of the VWP Deutz plant oil tractor in Florence/Uffizi to the then President of the Province of Florence and later Prime Minister until 2016: Matteo RenziThe EU Life-VOICE project was implemented from 2006 until 2009 under the project leadership of the University of Florence. The objective was technology transfer of the entire plant oil value creation chain developed by VWP to the Tuscany/Italy region, as well as partially to the Mediterranean region in Tunisia and Portugal.

Decentralised oil mill

A decentralised oil mill with VWP/Waldland-phosphorus-cleaning procedure was installed at an experimental farm in Mondeggi, and the daily compatibility of VWP plant oil tractors and plant oil cogenerative units was demonstrated at select locations in Tuscany over the course of several years. A VWP-Deutz generator was tested on Sting and Trudy Styler's Tuscan vineyard and olive oil estate, Il Pallagio, with sunflower oil from domestic production. The project also included a live cycle analysis of canola oil, sunflower oil and diesel by the Heidelberg IFEU Institut. VOICE: Final report