Concepts for the cultivation, production and use of vegetable oils

About us

Team VWP: Alois Dotzer, Dr. Georg Gruber, Thomas DotzerThe United Workshops for Plant Oil Technology (VWP Dr. Gruber/Gruber GbR) is a research and development organisation for the application of plant oils for mobility, agriculture, energy transition and electricity production in 100% renewable energy hybrid systems. This includes not only the development of plant oil compatible engines, but also development concepts for sustainable cultivation and/or production of plant oils in countries of origin, primarily in decentralised oil mills.

VWP vegetable oil engine of the John Deere Werke Mannheim on the engine test bench of the University of RostockThese kinds of comprehensive and integrated plant oil concepts for mobility or stationary electricity and heat production are being pioneered through development and implementation nationally and globally in all parts of the world. Of about 2,000 engines in mobile (car, truck, tractor ship) and stationary (generators, cogenerative units) sectors over 500 have been tested with many years of scientific monitoring. Various local plant oils made from canola, sunflower, soy, oil palm, camelina sativa, jatropha curcas or pongamia pinata are used.

VWP Gruber holds 10 patents inland and abroad for engine technology, fuel production and fuel quality, while also awarding licences for these or selling know-how. We think, develop and produce in networks: The various offices and workshops for research and development, vehicle and motor conversion, agricultural experimentation, patenting plus marketing and distribution are decentralised and arranged according to tasks.


  • Dr. Georg Gruber: Proprietor and General Manager
  • Ulrike Gruber: Proprietor and General Manager
  • Ing. Gerd Seidler: Engineer
  • Alois Dotzer (Automobiltechnik Dotzer): Mechanical Engine Development
  • Thomas Dotzer (dts design): Software Engine Development

Curriculum Vitae Dr. Georg Gruber

Dr. Georg GruberDr. phil. Georg Gruber, born 11.11.1959 in Roth (Mfr.), married, 3 children

1979: Post Secondary School Diploma

1979-1980: Military Service Mountain Air Defence Traunstein (Obb.)

1980-1989: Studied Economics in Erlangen/Nuremberg and Natural Resource Management in Santa Barbara, California. Doctorate on an ecological pricing model as a solution to the energy and C02 problems using the example of plant oil and hydrogen as fuel

1987: Founding of Autark 2000: Planning, implementation of autonomous hybrid systems for renewable energies, primarily in alpine huts

1989-1992: Elsbett Design: Head of the Cogenerative Unit Department

1993: Founding of the United Workshops for Plant Oil Technology GbR (Alois Dotzer, Dr. Georg Gruber, Thomas Kaiser)

2009: Rebranding VWP Dr. Gruber/Gruber GbR: Handling integrative international concepts in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America for the sustainable cultivation and production of plant oils and their usage in adapted engines as hybrid systems in stationary and mobile sectors. Among other things, responsible Project Leader of three EU-projects (100% renewable energy regions RENET 2003-2006, VOICE 2006-2009, 2ndvegoil 2008-2012)

2007-2008: Appointed expert at three consultations for the German Bundestag in the areas of biofuels, certification and sustainability

2009-2014: Chairman of the European Standardisation Initiative of pure plant oil as fuel CEN 16379, as well as fuel standardisation member in DIN V 51605, DIN51605, DIN 51623

Publikationen: Approx. 50 specialised essays in scientific and professional journals, approx. 300 presentations inland and abroad on the topic of sustainable mobility/electromobility as well as technology, operating efficiency and sustainability of plant oil as fuel.

Patente: Owner of 10 patents for engine technology and fuel quality

Preise: Holder of national and international awards for innovations in the transport sector and for integrated biofuel concepts: Biomass Conference Rome 2004, Eurosolar Germany 2004, Sarasin Bank Basel 2006, Tech Museum of Innovation in Silicon Valley USA 2008, European Commission: Best of LIFE Projects for VOICE 2010, SIMA: Gold Medal to John Deere for Flex Fuel Tractor (developed by VWP) 2013, Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE): "Best International Off-Grid Project 2017“ for "Zero Fossil Fuel on Galapagos Island Floreana", implemented by GIZ, incl. VWP Gruber and IICA.