Concepts for the cultivation, production and use of vegetable oils

Regenerative mobility

Common-rail engines

Operated with vegetable oil: cars, trucks and tractorsIn the car sector, VWP does research on common-rail engines with modern exhaust secondary treatment systems for tractors, trucks and long distance cars. VWP does not see a market for vehicles with combustion engines in short and mid-range transport operations from cities and surrounding areas. Instead of a plant oil car for big city transport with a total effectiveness of < 15%, VWP favours electromobility. The total effectiveness increases to > 90% for plant oils that are used as balancing energy for the power supply in plant oil cogenerative units.

On the one hand, our research targets markets for mobile and stationary applications of pure plant oil engines for remote areas that have difficulty accessing electricity and fossil fuels, but that are also cultivation regions for various naturally growing oil plants.

The second point concerns research for heavy-load transport (trucks and ships) where for a long time experts haven’t found an alternative to liquid fuels in combustion engines.