Concepts for the cultivation, production and use of vegetable oils

Decentralised fuel production / fuel quality

Reduction of transport expenditures

Decentralized oil mill KramerbräuThe plant oil technology developed by VWP and the plant oil model regions are designed for economic efficiency while respecting regional CO2, energy, material and value creation cycles. At the decentralised oil mills, the production and sale of plant oil and oil cake takes place within a radius of under 20 kilometres; with a considerable reduction of transport expenditures for raw material, fuel and protein components.

Cleaning procedure

VWP and the Austrian company Waldland have developed a new plant oil cleaning procedure to reduce phosphorous (P), calcium and magnesium (Ca and Mg) up to the analytical detection limit (> 0.5mg/kg). In this way, decentrally produced plant oil can be produced with  unprecedented purity. A high-grade clean canola oil of this kind is particularly necessary for usage with engines because no residue formation on nozzles, pistons and cylinders can build up due to the low ash content, and there can be no contamination or blockages of the exhaust cleaning technology.

Standard quality

Decentralized oil mill PeruIn this way, standardised fuel quality can be ensured for all oilseed from various origins by using the decentralised oil mill technology. For this purpose, VWP has developed functioning, pioneering models, the replication and transfer of which is currently taking place in other countries.