Concepts for the cultivation, production and use of vegetable oils

Resource economy  

Social costs

The prices must tell the truth. As long as the well-known social costs of fossil fuels, such as ground, water and air pollution, and military allocation of authority, are not added to the fossil energy prices, fossil fuels will be cheaper and be more in demand than renewable fuels, the reproduction of which is always more expensive than the irreplaceable extraction.

Internalisation of external costs

Social market economy and the free game of supply and demand will lead to a functioning allocation of goods in the energy sector only once the social and environmental costs are internalised in the fuel pricing.


Certificates play an important role in the sustainable production of biofuels. However, if certificates are only a condition for biofuels and not for competing fossil fuels, then this is a one-sided market barrier and unequal treatment that distorts competition.