Concepts for the cultivation, production and use of vegetable oils

International awards for sustainable biofuel concepts

2004 Poster Award, Rome, Italy2004 Poster Award, 2nd World Conference and Technology Exhibition on Biomass for Energy, Rome, Italy

2004 Eurosolar Prize for sustainable transport systems, Germany

2007 Moppert Prize for integrated biofuel concepts, Sarasin Bank, Basel, Switzerland

2008 Handover of Environmental Award to VWP by CEO of Intel, Craig R. Barrett2008 Environmental Award, Tech Museum for Innovation, San Jose, Silicon Valley, U.S.A.

2010 European Commission: Best of LIFE Projects for VOICE

2013 SIMA: Gold Medal to John Deere for Flex Fuel Tractor (developed by VWP)

2017 AER Award 2017 Alliance For Rural Electrification (ARE): “Best International Off-Grid Project 2017” for “Zero Fossil Fuel on Galapagos Island Floreana”, implemented by GIZ, incl. VWP Gruber and IICA


VWP patents

Combustion engines patents

VWP-Gruber's patent portfolio for diesel and plant oil Flex-Fuel engine systems include prechamber, combustion chamber, TDI and pump injection engines. The expansion of the patent portfolio for Common-Rail-Flex Fuel engines has already been concluded with trademark rights on innovative algorithms for function and emission control.

Plant oil quality patents

In the area of fuel development, fuel quality and the production of 2nd generation pure plant oil in decentralised oil presses according to currently applicable fuel norms DIN 51605 (for canola oil) and/or DIN 51623 (for plant oils), VWP has central trademark rights on lowering phosphorus, alkali and alkaline earth to prescribed standard limits.

Licensing and the sale of know-how

VWP offers the issued trademarks for plant oil technologies and the related know-how for engine adaptations on the free market and/or assigns licences and sells the know-how for it.

In addition to trademarks, VWP also offers know-how for researched preliminary results, new products, procedures and applications. On request, VWP supports the further development and utilisation of results by clients with ideas, successive protective rights, analytical and experimental services and demo-projects.

Licensing has been provided for companies, KMU corporations and foundations across all engine and fuel generations.  Licensing for patent licences and known-how has been an important marketing tool for generating income since the company was founded, and for accelerating the distribution of protected plant oil technology.

Its unique position with regard to patents gives VWP-Gruber verifiable market opportunities in a growth market of the future. The continuous expansion of the patent portfolio is an important milestone for VWP in entrepreneurial development, in order to assert its leading position when it comes to plant oil motors and sustainable 2nd generation quality fuels.