Concepts for the cultivation, production and use of vegetable oils

Energy Watch Group

100% renewable energies around the world by 2050

Global Jatropha crop potential in hot semi-arid areasOn behalf of the Federal Foundation for the Environment, the Energy Watch Group and a project consortium is working on examining the possibility of a complete global switch to renewable energies for electricity production and mobility by 2050. The Lappeenranta University of Technology in Finland (Prof. Dr. Breyer), took on the simulation model for industrialised areas worldwide. VWP was contracted to examine the global jatropha potential as energy storage and balancing energy for semi-arid regions that cannot afford industrialised power stores due to deficits in infrastructure, finances and education.

Social Business Jatropha Biorefineries

System boundaries of a Jatropha Social Business BiorefineryKey elements here are the "Social Business Jatropha Biorefineries", where the oil mill is in the ownership of the agricultural cooperative. In this way, contrary interests amongst agricultural raw material producers and process levels in common company ownership dissolve. Lower yields in semi-arid agricultural areas can be balanced out by low costs. Production and consumption take place along the jatropha value creation chain in regional markets without transport, and with the exclusion of intermediaries in close cycles when it comes to CO2, money and work. By dispensing with export, value creation stays in the region. Rising incomes lowers migration pressure.