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Software updates to reduce NOx-emissions

Nitrogen oxide emissions are higher in normal road use

Dr. Georg Gruber (VWP) and Thomas Dotzer (dts design) in the digital development of new low-NOx maps (Image: Kohler, Hilpoltsteiner Kurier)Against the backdrop of the diesel scandal with vehicles in emission categories Euro 5 and Euro 6 nitrogen oxide measurements showed that NOx emissions are about five to ten times higher in normal road use than the permissible limit values, which are measured at stationary exhaust roller test benches.   

Im Rahmen des ZIM-Projektes, gefördert vom BMWi

In order to reduce NOx loads in cities and prevent driving bans, VWP and dts design have been working on software updates since 2017 for the effective reduction of NOx. As part of the ZIM-Projektes sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy since 01/01/2018, VWP and dts design are working on a "function development to influence low NOx software architectures for EURO-4/5/6 diesel vehicles from VW/Audi/Daimler for consumption, performance and durability of engine and exhaust technology."

Alternative to hardware updates

In elaborate road tests varying software architectures are developed and tested using "online and on-board emission diagnostics" based on their ability to lower nitrogen oxide with simultaneous compatibility for engine and exhaust cleaning technology. The goal of the development is a "pure" software update, that enables customers to drive into the city as an alternative to hardware updates - while simultaneously maintaining the value of your vehicle.